2014.04.22 The R5.02.03 of LL50A parameter setting software for UTAdvanced is available for download.
2013.02.08 New release: UT75A Advanced Digital Indicating Controllers!
2012.07.20 The latest version (R3.01.03) of GREEN to UTAdvanced Conversion Tool is available for download.
2011.09.13 Introducing Limit Control Type Digital Indicating Controller UT35A-L that can be configured either as a high limit or as a low limit controller by a user.
2011.04.05 UTAdvanced UP55A/UP35A and UM33A now comply with UL standards.
2010.10.29 The UTAdvanced now supports the open network DeviceNet.
2010.10.29 The DeviceNet Profile is available for download.
2010.08.27 New Program Controllers (UP55A/UP35A) and Digital Indicator with Alarms (UM33A) of the UTAdvanced Series! The full lineup of models meets a wide range of applications.
2010.06.15 Now available in black!
You can now choose a white or black case color.
2010.06.15 The UTAdvanced now supports the open network [CC-Link].
2009.11.30 Introducing our new lineup with UTAdvanced! Available now: The UT35A/UT32A general purpose digital indicating controller specialized for single loop control!
2009.10.07 UTAdvanced UT55A/UT52A comply with UL standards.
2009.07.21 New release: PROFIBUS-DP communication interface
2009.04.27 Introducing UTAdvanced UT55A/UT52A, a new digital indicating controllers.